Update log

Update log

Update log

The latest version is updated as 1.7.6[2018-9-18]
1. Update【phone(Access DWG)】PhoneX_Face ID:1)、2)、3)
2. Add【OPPO(Access DWG)】OPPO:2CB036-0 、2DA011-0、2DB007-1、2DB015-0、2EA017-0、2TD31602-0、A33(215036-0) .

The latest version is updated as 1.7.5[2018-8-23]
1.Update【phone(Access DWG)】phone6、4)phoneX whole board(Intel version)data.
2.Update【phone(Access DWG)】phoneX --6)phoneX Dock Connector、7)phoneX Volume、8)phoneX Boot row line and phoneSpeaker、phone USB charging plug.
3.Add【phone(Access DWG)】9)iphoneX_Earpiece、10)iphoneX_VolumeCoil、11)iphoneX_core_fpc。
4.Add【OPPO(Access DWG)】2AB017_1 、215035_0 。
5.Add【VIVO(Mainboard Colored Diagram)】vivoX20A。
6.Add【HUAWEI(Mainboard Colored Diagram)】honnorHonor8Lite、Mate9 Porsche .
7.Add【8848 Ti Mobile Phone M4(Mainboard Colored Diagram)】。
8.Update【phone(Mainboard Colored Diagram)】phoneX(Qualcomm Version)and (Intel Version).
9.Add【Mainboard DWG】OPPO_Series,R9sPlus、R11sPlus。
10.Update【Mainboard DWG】phoneX(Qualcomm Version)and (Intel Version)
11.Add【BLK Diagram】phone8Plus series.
12.Add【Mainboard DWG】HUAWEI_Series、8848Ti_Mobile_Phone M4、M3,oppo_A73T,vivo series X20A, Mainboard Colored DWG。
13.Add【GND Resistance】phone7(Intel)、phone7Plus(Intel), The phone series consists of 89 drawings.
 14.Add【GND Resistance】OPPO_Series,R9sPlus、R11sPlus. 
15.Add【GND Resistance】phone_Series,phoneX(Qcom) . The phone series consists of 35 drawings.
16.Add【GND Resistance】vivo_Series X9i、X20A,HuaWei_Series Mate9、Mate9Porsche、Honor8Lite,8848Ti Mobile Phone,OPPOA73T, Total 53 drawings。
17.Add【MTC Scheme】vivoSeries X9i S01:No Display unlit.
18.Add【SCH Diagram】phone8Plus,phoneX qcom-Chinese。
19.Update【Videos】->【English Video】video 26--39,【手工技巧】28--33。
20.The bitmap status bar shows the name of the currently clicked spot。

Version:1.6.5 [2017-10-16 11:56:06]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->ISeries I9158,【HUAWEI Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->honor 8 Youth Version、honor play 4C,Huawei P8 Youth Version,【VIVO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->V3MaxA,【XiaoMi Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->Redmi3S、Redmi_Note3。
2.Add【Access DWG】->【VIVO Access DWG】->data of X9.
3.Add【MTC Scheme】->Error code series->iphone6Plus、6S Flash process error is introduced.
4.Add【Mainboard DWG】->iphone6SPlusComponents Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG.
5.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface. 
Version:1.6.4 [2017-10-10 14:45:34]
1.Add 【Access DWG】->【VIVO(Access DWG)】->Y67,【Access DWG】->RedMi_Note4 ,【OPPO Access DWG 】->A59S,【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】Qualcomm version->phone8_4.7、phone8P_5.5,【VIVO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->X5Pro、X9,【OPPO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->A57、A59、R9S、A31,【HUAWEI Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->MT8。
2.Update【Access DWG】->data of 【phone Access DWG】->4,4S,SE,【pad Access DWG】->pad_mini2,pad_mini4,pad2,pad3.
3.Add【Details DW】->phone series->Resistance Details DWG and Function Details DWG.
4.Add【SCH Diagram】->OPPO series->R9 Component distribution and Schematic diagram.
5.Update【Mainboard DWG】->iPhone8 plus (Intel Version)Components Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG->phone8 Qualcomm version Mainboard HD Colored DWG.
6.Update【MTC Scheme】->Error code series.
7.Update【driver installation】->Mouse enhancement tools【EDAHelper】。
8.New encryption dog.
Version:1.6.3 [2017-09-15 17:45:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->4、4S、5、5C。
2.Update【Access DWG】->【pad(Access DWG)】->data of pad4、pad_air2.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->data of A59、R9、R9S.
4.Update【Access DWG】->phone8、phoneX.
5.Add【SCH Diagram】->phone8.
6.Add【video】->【MTC Scheme column】->6 generations UMBPAD amnplifier,->【Manual technology column】->Most complete A8CPU disassembling 1-7。
7.New apple menbership grade.
Version: [2017-09-13 11:21:34]
1.Fix known BUG.

Version:1.6.2 [2017-09-12 17:45:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->phone7S、phone7SP.
2.Update【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->A59、R9.
3.Add【Mainboard DWG】->phone7SP、phone8.
Version:1.6.1 [2017-09-08 17:30:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】->phone8A11CPU、phone8 Bandbase CPU.
2.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->data of A59.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->R9、【VIVO(Access DWG)】->vivoX9、【Samsung(Access DWG)】->S8_G950U.
4.Update【Access DWG】->【OPPO Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->OPPO_R9.
5.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】data of phone6SP5.5.
6.Add【Access DWG】->【XiaoMi series】data.
7.Add【Access DWG】->【XiaoMi(Access DWG)】->Mi4C.
8.Add【Disassembling Screw Holes】->oppo.
Version:1.6.0 [2017-08-26 12:43:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Phone series  chip(resistance map)】。
2.Add【Access DW】->【OPPO(Access DWG)】->A59 、R9S。
3.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】data of 4S(820-3031-B)、5S(820-3292)、5S(820-3382)、phone6 4.7(820-3486-A)、phone6P 5.5(820-3675-A)、phone6S 4.7(820-5507-A)、phone6SP 5.5(820-00040-A).
5.Update【Access DWG】->【pad(Access DWG)】data of pad_air、pad_mini、pad_mini3.
6.Update【Details DW】->phone7P (Qualcomm version).
7.Update【SCH Diagram】->phone7、【XiaoMi seriers】->MI5S。
8.Update【GND Resistance】->phone7P(Qualcomm version).
9.Update【video】->The principle of inductance,capacitance,resistance and judgment method.
10.Update the block diagram of foreign members.
11.Fix known BUG on platform.
Version:1.5.9 [2017-07-19 18:13:34]
1.Add【Access DWG】->【Phone_Series(Layered DWG)】->phone6、phone7。
2.Update【Access DWG】->【phone(Access DWG)】Serial name.
Version:1.5.8 [2017-07-11 14:15:34]
1.Update【video】,to realize the play without advertising video.
2.Update【Access DWG】->data of phone6S5.5、phoneSE、phone7P5.5(820-00229-AQualcomm version)、phone7P5.5(820-00249-AInter version)
3.Add【MTC Scheme】->phone7P series repair case in detail.
4.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface.
Version:1.5.7 [2017-06-16 15:50:34]
1.Update【Access DWG】->【phone series CPU HD image】.
2.Update【Access DWG】-> data of phone6P5.5、phone6S4.7.
3.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->data of S6_Edge(G9287).
4.Add【MTC Scheme】->Update a lot of phone series,the series of pad repair case in detail.
5.Add【Smart Q&A】->Update a lot of robot library q&a list,welcome to ask questions and feedback information.
6.Optimizing the platform code,perfect platform interface.
Version:1.5.6 [2017-06-04 17:30:34]
1.Add【Teaching Pen】->【Pointofix】and【BYS Screen market】,User can choose to use according to demand.
2.Add【Basics】->【Circuit in English and Chinese】.
3.Optimizing the platform code.

Version: [2017-06-02 12:30:34]
1.Repair part of the computer can not open 【Teaching Pen】function.

Version:1.5.5 [2017-06-02 09:30:34]
1.Menu bar add【Teaching Pen】function.
2.Add【Access DWG】->【phone series CPU HD image】。
3.Add【BLK Diagram】->【phone series】。
4.Add【Printing】->phone7(Inter Version)、phone7P(Inter Version) 。
5.Fix known BUG.
Version:1.5.4 [2017-05-22 10:30:34]
1.      Add【Access DWG】->【phone】-> phone7P_5.5(820-00229-A Qualcomm version)、iphone6S4.7
2.      Add【Access DWG】->【phone】->7P 5.5(820-00249-A Inter version)、B-side drawing of pad_air.
3.      Add【MTC Scheme】->【phone series】.
4.      Add【BLK Diagram】->phone7P.
5.      Update【Basics】->【Mobile phone repair base V1】.
6.      The perfect platform for English version.
7.      Perfect 【Super Member】 ->【Agent query function】.
8.      Fix known BUG.
Version: [2017-05-10 15:20:34]
1.Repair 【video】 BUG ,【Access DWG】BUG.

Version: [2017-05-09 18:00:34]
1.Repair 【video】 BUG .
Version: 1.5.3 [2017-04-27 16:30:34]
1.Update【Access DWG】->【phone】->data of phone6 4.7.
2.Update【Access DWG】->【pad3G Version to WIFI Version】。
3.Add【Access DWG】->【phone】->data of 5S820-3292、SE。
4.Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->S6_Edge(G9287)。
5.Update【Access DWG】->phone7、Samsung S5 series。
6.Update【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->data of S7_G9350。
7.Update【BLK Diagram】->phone6、phone6Plus
English version【BLK Diagram】->phone6、phone6S、phone6Plus。
8.Update【Limited Ed.】->English version。
9.Add【Details DW】->phone6S。
10.Update【Mainboard DWG】->phone7、7P  Components Function Annotation Mainboard Colored DWG of Chinese Version and English Version.
11.Update【MTC Scheme】->phone6、phone6S、phone6P、phone6SSP、phone7、XiaoMi、Huawei、MeiTu etc. . English Version【MTC Scheme】->phone6、phone7。
12.Update【Disassembling Screw Holes】->【phone7P】。
13.Update【Basics】->Mobile phone repair knowledge。
14.Open 【Video】Editorial content。
15.Optimizing the platform code.
Version: 1.5.2 [2017-03-06 16:08:34]
1. Add PDF Bookmarks to zoom in and out.
2. Automatic】Add a large number of maintenance cases, for users to quickly solve the problem. Perfect the English version of the 【Automatic】.
3. Add 【Access DWG】 -> 【phone】 -> phoneSE, 【Samsung】-> S7_G9350.
4. update 【Access DWG】 ->【phone】 -> 4,4S, 5,5 C, 5S (820-3382), phone64.7, phone65.5, phone6S4.7, phone6S5.5, phone7 data.
5. update 【Access DWG】-> 【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phone7, phone7P.
6. Update【Access DWG】-> 【Disassembling Screw Holesrew hole】.
7. Update 【Details DW】 -> phone6, phone6SP.
8. Update【MTC Scheme】-> English version of the data and the Chinese version of 6S information.
9. Added 【Mainboard DWG】 -> phone5SE, phone7P.
10. Update 【Printing】-> phone7P.
Version: 1.5.1 [2017-02-09 17:02:34]
1. update 【Access DWG】 -> phone7 data, add -> phone7P data, phone5S (820-3292), add 【Phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phone7P.
2. Add 【GND Resistance】-> 【pad series】.
3. Add 【Basics】-> 【mobile phone repair knowledge】.
4. update 【MTC Scheme】.
5. Perfect 【Super Member】 ->Agent query function.
Version: 1.5.0 [2017-02-07 11:55:34]
1. Added agent level, agents open 【Super Member】 function, used to add / query order number, order number can be used for ordinary users to upgrade to VIP members.
2. Login interface to open 【VIP upgrade】 function, ordinary users can upgrade to the VIP number through the order number, the order number can be purchased through the agent.

Version: 1.4.9 [2017-01-21 15:22:34]
1. Perfect point map search function, search solder center view, search is not case sensitive.
2. Add 【Details DW】-> phone6, phone6P.
3. Add 【Mainboard DWG】 -> phone7.
4. Add【Printing】 -> phone series Mainboard DWG IC empty and inline.

Version: 1.4.8 [2017-1-07 11:50:34]
WuXinJi platform comprehensive upgrade, 1.4.7 version and all the old version is about to stop using, please upgrade the 1.4.8 version of the user before uninstalling the old version, to the official Official Website to download the latest installation package, reinstall the software. Please apologize for any inconvenience caused to you!
1. Add a common shortcut key, in the English input state is valid.
2. On the left side of the navigation bar to increase the 【Printing】section, enter the need for membership, the section of the information can be Printinged.
3.Add【MTC Scheme】-> phone series, Samsung series, millet series, Huawei series and a large number of maintenance cases.
Version: 1.4.7 [2016-12-21 11:16:34]
1. Update 【Access DWG】 -> phone7 data.
2. Add 【Details DW】-> phone series Details DW drawing.
3. Add 【SCH Diagram】 -> phone7P.
4. Optimize the platform code.
Version: 1.4.6 [2016-12-13 12:38:34]
1. On the left side of the navigation bar to add【Details DW】section, enter the need for membership privileges.
2. update 【SCH Diagram】 -> phone7.
3. Added 【MTC Scheme】 -> phone6S, phone6SP demolition A9 CPU fifteen easy to bad components + SCH Diagram .
Version: 1.4.5 [2016-12-05 18:00:34]
1. The menu bar to add partners 【Xiuxiu】.
2. Optimize the platform code.
Version: 1.4.4 [2016-12-01 10:00:34]
1. Added 【Access DWG】 -> 【phone】-> phone7, phone6S_4.7 data.
2. Add 【Access DWG]】-> 【Samsung】 -> S5_G900F, S5_G900H, W2013, W2014, W2015 data.
3. Add 【Access DWG】 -> 【XiaoMi】-> Mi3_TD, Mi_WCDMA, MI2A data.
4. Added 【SCH Diagram】 ->【JinLi series】.
5. Update 【MTC Scheme】-> phone6S, phone6SP.
6. Update 【GND Resistance】 -> phone6, phone6P.
Version: 1.4.3 [2016-11-11 16:36:34]
1. update 【Access DWG】-> 【phone】-> phone6_5.5, phone6_4.7, phone6S_4.7, phone7 data.
2. Update【Access DWG】->【pad】-> pad_mini2 data.
3. update【Access DWG】->【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phoneSE, phone7.
4. update【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> W2016.
Version: 1.4.2 [2016-10-28 16:22:34]
1. Added 【Access DWG】->【Samsung】 -> S6_G920V data.
2. Add 【Access DWG】->【phone】 -> 7P.
3. update 【Access DWG】->【phone】 -> phone7.
4. Add 【Access DWG】->【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phone7.
5. Add 【BLK Diagram】->【phone6S】-> baseband circuit.
6. Added 【Mainboard】->【7 generation】-> component distribution map.
A9CPU Mainboard DWG to ground GND Resistance A9CPU back to the ground GND Resistance value J4200, ->【6SP】-> A9 CPU to ground GND Resistance CPU back to the ground GND Resistance value ->【6】-> A8 CPU Mainboard DWG to ground GND Resistance, ->【7_4.7】-> inline to ground GND Resistance, ->【5 generation】-> inline GND Resistance to the ground.
8. Add【SCH Diagram】-> [Huawei].
9. Update 【GND Resistance】-> phone6S phone6SP baseband CPU.
Version: 1.4.1 [2016-10-17 18:05:34]
1. Add【Access DWG】->【pad】-> pad3 data.
2. Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> S5_G900F, S5_G900H, S6_G9250 data.
3. Add【Access DWG】->【Disassembling Screw Holesrew hole】-> phone5C, phone7.
Version: 1.4.0 [2016-10-08 19:12:34]
1. Optimize the platform code.
2. Add【GND Resistance】-> phone7_4.7, phone7_5.5.
3. Add【Access DWG]】->【Disassembling Screw Holesrew hole】 -> phone5C, phone7.
4. update【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> S5_G900F.
5. Click the top of the menu bar 【View】 -> 【Toolbar】 can be displayed on the right side of the platform toolbar, click again to hide.
Version: 1.3.9 [2016-9-30 19:12:34]
1. Optimize the platform code.
Version: 1.3.8 [2016-9-30 18:45:34]
1. updated the【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> S5_G900H, S6_G9250.
2. Update Access DWG]】->【Screw Hole】-> phone6_4.7 data.
3. Add【Screw Hole】-> phone4S data.
4. Update【Access DWG】-> phone6S_4.7 data.
5. Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> S5_G9009W, S6_G920F, S6_G9280 data.
6. Add【Access DWG】-> pad_mini data.
Version: 1.3.7 [2016-9-24 15:42:34]
1. Users who use the VIP card do not need to register, enter the account number and activate the password (VIP card number password can be modified at the login interface【Change Password】 can be used. Click on the platform to scroll the subtitles, scan WeChat two-dimensional code can receive free VIP card, self-pay postage 18 yuan.
2. Add【Access DWG】->【Screw Hole]】iphone6_4.7 data.
3. Update【Access DWG】->【phone】-> phone6S_4.7, phone6P5.5, phone6SP_5.5 data.
4. Added【SCH Diagram】-> Samsung 8 (XX) series, Samsung 9 (XX) series.
5. New【MTC Scheme】-> phone6, phone6P red and white screen repair example.
Version: 1.3.6 [2016-9-13 18:03:34]
1. Optimize the platform code.
Version: 1.3.5 [2016-9-13 15:09:34]
1. optimize the code, repair【Technology Sharing】page jump BUG.
Version: 1.3.4 [2016-9-13 11:26:34]
1. Add【Access DWG】->【XiaoMi】 Mi1, RedMi, RedMi_Note and other series.
2. update【Access DWG】-> 【phone】phone5, phone6_4.7, phone6_5.5, phone6S_5.5 data.
3. Added【Access DWG】->【pad】-> pad_mini4 data.
4. 【SCH Diagram】-> Samsung 4 (XX) series, Samsung 5 (XX) series, Samsung 6 (XX) series, Samsung 7 (XX) series.
5. Update【SCH Diagram】-> Samsung Series -> A, E, G, J, N, W.
5. Added【Forum】.
Version: 1.3.3 [2016-8-30 15:35:34]
1. Add the【Technology Sharing】section.
2. fix a BUG.
3. Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】 -> S5_G9009D.
4. Added【Access DWG】->【SCH Diagram】-> Samsung 3 (XX) series, Samsung 4 (XX) series.
5. update【Access DWG】->【Phone Circuit Board with no chip】drawings

Version: 1.3.2 [2016-8-26 18:45:34]
1. Added【SCH Diagram】-> Samsung Series - Samsung -> Samsung 1 (XX) series, Samsung 2 (XX) series.
2. update【MTC Scheme】-> phone6, phone6P
3. Added【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> W2014, W2015, W2016.
4. Add【Access DWG】->【Samsung】-> S5_G9009W, S6_G920V.
5. update【Access DWG】->【Samsung】->S5_G900F, S5_G900H, S6_G920F, S6_G9200, S6_G9250, S6_G9280.
A, G, I, N, S, W series and B9388, E7000, 9507V.
7. Add【Access DWG】->【pad】 pad_air2 data.
8. Added【Access DWG】->【Screw Hole】 iphone5S data.
9. Update【Access DWG】->【phone】-> phone6S_4.7 data.
10. Add【Access DWG】->【phone Circuit Board with no chip】-> phone4,4S, 5,5 S, 6,6P.
11. Added【Access DWG】->【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> phoneSE.
12. 【Settings】Add【Select Language】-> Chinese, English.
Version: 1.3.1 [2016-8-17 15:07:34]
1. Menu bar -> 【Access DWG】-> 【phone】-> update phone6S 4.7, phone6P 5.5 data; new phone7 Deluxe Edition.
2. Menu bar -> 【Access DWG】->【Pad】->update pad2, pad4, pad_air, pad_mini2 data; add pad_mini3 data.
3. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】-> 【Screw Hole】-> update phone6_4.7 data.
Version: 1.3.0 [2016-8-11 11:07:34]
1. Add the 【Bookmark】-> button to the side.
2. New menu bar ->【Official Website】-> Wuxinji-Official Website, software download.
3. Menu bar -> 【driver installation】-> 【PADS installation】, update the PADS driver, repair some of the old version of the drawings can not open the BUG.
4. 【Basics】->【nUser guide】 update PADS use tutorial.
5. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】->【pad】->Added pad_mini4 Deluxe Edition.
Version: 1.2.9 [2016-8-9 17:30:34]
1. Update the PDF page.
2. Remove the 【Bookmark】 button, PDF and Bookmarks can be dragged between the adjustment.
3. Menu bar -> 【Access DWG】-> 【Phone】 update phone6SP 5.5.
4. Menu bar -> 【Access DWG】-> 【pad】-> Added -> pad2 data, add pad_mini Deluxe Edition.
5. Menu bar -> 【Access DWG】-> 【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】->update phone6_4.7V version.
6. 【GND Resistance】 new phone6, phone6S series.
7. WuXinJi-members can view their registration time and expiration time in the lower right corner of the software.

Version: 1.2.8 [2016-8-5 16:20:34]
1. Updated the caption notification.
2. update 【SCH Diagram】 -> XiaoMi series.
3. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】->【Screw Hole】update -> phone6_4.7 model data.
4. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】-> 【Fingerprint Key】to update the series of data.
5. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】->【Samsung】 increase S6_G920F, S6_G9280.
6. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】->【Phone】 update 4S, phone6_4.7, phone6S_5.5.

Version: 1.2.7 [2016-7-29 18:58:34]
1. Update iphone4S, iphone6P Access DWG data.
2. Add [maintenance program] 6S, 6SP does not boot the latest version.
3. Menu bar ->【Access DWG】Add 【Samsung】-> S5_G900F, S5_G900H, S6_G9200, S6_G9250.
4. 【Super Member】to increase the number of members to increase membership.
5. Login interface to add 【Change Password】, to provide VIP card members to change the password.

Version: 1.2.6 [2016-7-22 18:29:34]
1. Repair BUG, can adapt to computer resolution.
2. 【Super Member】 to increase the query member information function.

Version: 1.2.5 [2016-7-22 10:55:34]
1. Left menu bar->【GND Resistance】->add pad1, pad_air2 (pad6), pad_mini1, pad_mini2, pad_mini3.
2. Fix PDF to enlarge the background of the black BUG,the user needs to click 【PDF installation】, before the installation of other versions of the user, please uninstall the original driver.

Version: 1.2.4 [2016-7-21 16:10:34]
1. Add a menu bar -> 【help】->【novice video】 -> download and install video, function using video.
2. Update 【product】function module.
3. Open 【Super Member】 function module, you need the appropriate authority to enter.
4. Update the menu bar ->【Access DWG】->【phone Mainboard Colored Diagram Diagrampers】-> 6 generation V board.
5. Update the menu bar ->【Access DWG】-> 【pad】-> pad2, pad_air2, pad_mini3.
6. Update 【MTC Scheme】 -> 6,6P, 6s.
7. Update 【Help -> Use Tutorial】-> Download and install.

Version: 1.2.3 [2016-7-15 15:30:34]
1. Add a menu bar -> 【Access DWG】-> pad2, pad_mini3, pad_air2.
2. Update 【Products】 function module.

Version: 1.2.2 [2016-7-12 15:25:34]
1. update 【help】->【novice tutorial】, or the user can directly click on the left menu bar 【Basics】to view the novice using the tutorial.
2. fix 【Video】click on the jump problem, you can now directly watch the video on the platform. Note: Do not operate other sections when watching videos, waiting for the video to play.
3. modify QQ assistant micro letter two-dimensional code.
4. The map in the Access DWG is updated. The user needs to click the setting -> clear the cache and reload the latest drawing.

Version: 1.2.1 [2016-7-5 15:25:34]
1. Menu bar -> point map, A, B MTC Schemee split window to add free stretch function.
2. The left menu bar -> maintenance program -> add pad3G version of the WiFi version -> pad2_3G.
3. On the left menu bar -> on the ground GND Resistance -> update phone4S.
4. On the left side of the menu bar -> BLK Diagram diagram -> update phone4S.

Version: 1.2.0 [2016-7-2 17:54:34]
1. Menu bar -> point map, A, B MTC Schemee split window to add free stretch function.
Add the pad3G version of the pad3G version to the space bar. - pad2_3G, pad3_3G, pad4_3G, padair_3G, padair3_3G, padmini1_3G, padmini2_3G, padmini3_3G.
3. The left menu bar -> on the GND Resistance -> new phone4S, phone5, phone5S, phone6, phone6P, phone6S, phone6S Plus series.
4. The left menu bar -> BLK Diagram diagram -> phone6P, phone6S, phone6S series.
5. Add -> Help menu bar.

Version: 1.1.9 [2016-6-27 14:56:34]
1. Pad bar, pad2, pad3, pad4, pad_air2, pad_mini1, pad_mini2, pad_mini3, etc.

Version: 1.1.8 [2016-6-24 16:53:34]
1. Fix some bugs for the update program.

Version: 1.1.7 [2016-6-24 14:06:34]
1. Added Access DWG -> Mainboard DWG color map -> phone5C_3G, phone5C_4G.
2. Add the GND Resistance to the ground -> phone6S, phone6SP.

Version: 1.1.6 [2016-6-21 10:10:34]
1. Modify the Screw Hole Deluxe Edition -> phone5C, phone5S.

Version: 1.1.5 [2016-6-17 16:30:34]
1. Modify the Access DWG at the Mainboard DWG color map -> phone5S series name.
2. landscaping landing interface style.
3. Open the left menu bar -> Smart Q & A section, intelligent Q & A forum knowledge base constantly updated, welcome to enthusiastic questions and feedback.

Version: 1.1.4 [2016-6-17 10:00:34]
1. In the Access DWG at the new Mainboard DWG color map -> phone5S, phone5S_3G, phone5S_4G series.

Version: 1.1.3 [2016-6-16 16:00:34]
1. beautify the elite team section!
2. Add a Screw Hole in the Access DWG.

Version: 1.1.2 [2016-6-15 17:22:34]
1. In the Access DWG at the new Mainboard DWG color map phone series -> iphone4, iphone4S and so on!
2. In the Access DWG at the new Screw Hole phone series -> iphone4, iphone4S and so on!

Version: 1.1.1 [2016-6-13 18:27:34]
1. Update 5C, 6P, 6S and other Screw Hole Access DWG, this Access DWG is currently only luxury version, that is to say in the luxury version can be seen in the Lite version can not see! Be sure to pay attention to this!
2. Increase PADS software installation, can be loaded to view .pcb drawings!
3. Beautify the "kill / video" interface.
4. Increase the elite team section.

Version: 1.1.0 [2016-6-02 17:41:34]
1. update the Fingerprint Key Access DWG, note that this Access DWG is currently only luxury version, that is to say in the luxury version can be seen in the Lite version can not see! Be sure to pay attention to this!
2. Update the Access DWG Lite data, add the border!
3. Increase ipad_mini2 and ipad_air two models.

Version: 1.0.9 [2016-5-12 17:41:34]
1. update the Fingerprint Key Access DWG, note that this Access DWG is currently only luxury version, that is to say in the luxury version can be seen in the Lite version can not see! Be sure to pay attention to this!
Version: 1.0.8 [2016-5-12 16:12:53]
1. Open the kill video sector.

Version: 1.0.7 [2016-5-12 12:46:18]
1. PDF file to add Guangzhou five-core network Technology Co., Ltd. watermark.
2. Repair Basics and schematics to switch between flashing BUG.
3. The upper left file is renamed to the Access DWG.
4. The left menu bar Access DWG changed its name to Deluxe Edition.
5. Add the Lite to the left menu bar.
6. Add the system automatically record the Lite and Deluxe Edition features, free to switch, automatic recording.
7. Add the model phone6-5.5, phone6S-4.7, phone6S-5.5 models.
8. Improve the search function.
9. New opening plate: Lite, Mainboard DWG map, BLK Diagram diagram, to the GND Resistance map, maintenance program.
Version: 1.0.6 [2016-5-6 18:17:31]
1. Update the model iphone64.7.
Version: 1.0.5 [2016-5-5 18:31:00]
1. Search function is updated, edited (press the Enter or the mouse focus away from the search box) can be automatically searched, do not need to press the button
2. Basics content changes.
3. Update the schematic plate.
4. Basic knowledge section, the schematic plate to add Bookmarks, click to Bookmark, click to show Bookmarks .
5. PDF driver automatically detects, if not installed click OK to install, to their own as an administrator to register, it seems that no registration can also be used.
6. Fix 1.0.4 version click on the top of the book directory crash problem.
7. Click the Bookmark directory, if there are subdirectories automatically expand, click again to shrink.
8. All information can be copied and Printinged.
9. Update models 5 generation 5C, 5S.
10. Automatically hide scrolling announcements in Basics and schematics, and scrolling in other sections.
Version: 1.0.4 [2016-5-3 18:43:34]
1. Open the basic knowledge module, this feature needs to install the driver,
   Drive installation method: right-click, run as administrator, click on the driver installation inside the PDF installation and PDF registration can be registered successfully.
   Basic knowledge module instructions: the current set of iphone class second generation of data can be copied and Printinged, the other is not copied and Printinged.
2. Updated update application.

Version: 1.0.3 [2016-4-28 18:15:38]
1. Increase the search frame function.
2. Change the size of the border line.
3. Usually the border does not shine, when the mouse is over.
4. Add Guangzhou five-core Technology Co., Ltd. customer service QQ.
5. Add the five-core Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. WeChat public number.
6. To achieve gray-scale update, closed users have updated priority.
   (Closed beta version with the regular version is not updated) has a second authority.
7. closed account binding, the current registered users have been automatically upgraded to closed beta users.
8. Modify the color definition and concise version of the function, as long as the change is determined to automatically load the current model.

Version: 1.0.2 [2016-4-25 18:04:10]
1.Closed beta.
Version: 1.0.0 [2015-5-05 00:00:00]
1. WuXinJi  project established!